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Axis Syllabus: Universal Motor Principles

Axis Syllabus is a compendium of information from the study of anatomy, bio-mechanics, physics, and other related fields relevant to movement pedagogy. The intention of Axis Syllabus classes is to re-train movement patterns for respectful coherence  with our anatomical design, as inherited through thousands of years of evolution. The Axis Syllabus Research Community engages an on-going inquiry into how to train the moving body for increased movement potential while decreasing risk of injury and repetetive strain. 


Classes are open to all levels and students are encouraged to engage material at a pace and approach that preferences integration over achievment. To this end, teachers often offer a range of adaptations to proposed movement motifs so learning can be supported for beginners and seasoned dancers simultaneously.


Some examples of possible subjects for an Axis class or workshop include:

Chronological Architecture

Fascial Meridians

Walking Mechanics

Landing and Launching Pads

Spinal Mechanics

The Hip/ Shoulder Axis Arc

Centrifugal Force


Inertia and Falling Mechanics


And Countless more...


Axis Syllabus Website




Image created by Frey Faust.

Originator of The Axis Syllabus.

Upcoming Axis Syllabus

Classes and Workshops

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