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Socially Engaged Performance

Much of my recent work has been focused on creative collaboration with marginalized groups arising from their stories. This work has the potential to create transformational experiences for participant and audience alike. By amplifying the voices less highlighted in our culture, we engage dissociations relevant to all of our lives. My recent research has been in how understandings from the Somatic Experiencing® approach to trauma re-negotiation can be applied to creative process.


I have had the pleasure of engaging this inquiry through the mentorship of, and collaboration with,

Krista DeNio/ EchoTheaterSuitcase project and

Amie Dowling/ The Artistic Ensemble. 

My first production at St. Mary's College of Maryland, On Contentious Grounds, explored intersections between experiences of oppression shared by Palestinians in interviews with me and the experiences of the students. 


Jim Coleman and Hien Huynh in EchoTheaterSuitcase project: Yolo County, directed at UC Davis










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