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Toronto Summer Dance Throw Down

Axis Syllabus, Contact Improv, and Composition

July 16-25

For two weeks, join Daniel Bear Davis at Dancemakers and The Dark Side Studio for unlimited classes in Axis Syllabus, Contact Improvisation, and Interdisciplinary Composition. Make it a personal intensive or drop-in for a few classes. Class descriptions and bio are below the schedule. All classes are all level.

$75 Unlimited (Up to 22 Hours!)

$20 Drop-In

Registration and questions: email

Monday July 16 
10-12, Axis Syllabus, DanceMakers Studio 314: Baker
Performance Collage, DanceMakers Studio 314: Baker

Tuesday July 17 
10-12, Axis Syllabus, DanceMakers, 314: Baker
Contact and Improvisation, The Dark Side Studio

Wednesday July 18 
10-12, Axis Syllabus, DanceMakers, 314: Baker

Thursday July 19 
In/Authentic Movement, DanceMakers, 314: Baker

Monday July 23 
10-12, Axis Syllabus, DanceMakers, 314: Baker Studio
Vestuary Adventures in Movement, DanceMakers 313: Theater Studio

Tuesday July 24 
10-12, Axis Syllabus, DanceMakers, 314: Baker Studio
Contact and Improvisation, Dark Side Studio

Wednesday July 25 
10-12, Axis Syllabus, DanceMakers, 314: Baker Studio

Dancemakers Centre for Creation. 15 Case Goods Lane, Distillery District. Theater 313 and Baker Studio 314.
The Dark Side Studio. 244 Augusta Ave. Kensington Market. Upstairs (the purple door between Bunners and Blue Banana).


Axis Syllabus (M-W, 10-12. Dancemakers, 314: Baker)
The Axis Syllabus is a compendium of information from the study of anatomy, bio-mechanics, physics, and other related fields relevant to movement pedagogy. The intention of these dance classes will be to re-train movement patterns for respectful coherence with our anatomical design, as inherited through thousands of years of evolution. Classes will include improvisation as well as choreographed motifs.


Contact and Improvisation (Tuesdays, 6-8. The Dark Side Studio) 
These classes will weave between physical skills for partnered improvisation, exercises to increase awareness of sensation and spatial relation, tools for solo, partnered and group improvisational composition, and more.


Performance Collage (Monday 7/16, 8-10. Dancemakers, 314: Baker)
In this composition class we will weave between movement, visual image, and writing exercises to create textured and content-rich improvisational scores and structures for performance. Through collage with the body, image, time, and space, our source materials are endowed with meaning. Content is born from juxtaposition, similitude, context, spatial relationship, rhythm, quality, gesture, and other compositional elements. Join us in this interdisciplinary playground of discovery and creation. Bring a notebook and pen.


In/Authentic Movement (Thursday 7/19, 10-12. Dancemakers, 314: Baker)
This experimental laboratory/practice will use Authentic Movement as an in-road to playful inquiry into the nature of the in/authentic.


Vestuary Adventures in Movement (Monday 7/23, 8-10. DanceMakers 313: Theater Studio)
In this playful composition class we will explore how costume and fabric in their material and social aspects shape and re-shape our movement choices. Why do super heroes wear spandex? Why do hippies wear flowy clothing? And when do I get to break out the sequined tuxedo jacket?! We will create simple movement phrases and transform them into image, character, narrative and more - with the help of a few choice cuts of cloth.

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