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Nov 21-22: Axis Syllabus and Contact Workshops in Portland.

Center Space, 420 SE 6th ave. Portland

Tri-Axial Human Juggling/ Contact Improv. 3-5PM, $50 early bird, $60 later

In-Spiral-ing Architectures/ Axis Syllabus. 5:15-7:15PM, $50 early bird, $60 later Both Workshops $90 early bird, $110 later. Early bird registration is before 11/14.

The material in these workshops will be complimentary. Students are encouraged to take both when possible.

To register send payment to via PayPal or email to make other arrangements.

Axis Syllabus: In-Spiral-ing Architectures

This workshop will focus on bio-mechanical principles derived from detailed analysis of the structures of human anatomy and physical laws of motion. The goal is to collaborate with the intelligent anatomical designs nature has developed through thousands of years of evolution. Movement motifs are utilized, not as an ends unto themselves, but as a means for deepening our understanding of our own moving body with an intention towards longevity, efficiency, and increased kinetic possibilities. As researchers in an embodied laboratory, students are encouraged to continuously engage their own process at their own pace, prioritizing integration over ambition.

Contact Improv: Tri-Axial Human Juggling

Juggle yourself. Juggle your friends! This workshop will focus on constructing resilient and responsive structures for kinetic partnering and tools for lighter flight. By bringing specific attention to the qualities and particular relations between our various moving parts, capacity for dynamic support and literacy in wielding centrifugal force grows. Expect to fly. Expect to sweat. Expect to play!

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