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On Solitude


Created in collaboration with Kristen Greco

Created during the E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency at Earthdance in Western Massachusetts. Audience members follow a string through the woods with no flashlight. They come to a lit cabin warmed by a wood stove. The action of a couple - alone or together - is already underway. The audience member sits at a table and reads aloud from one of three books. Their choice cues the performers to begin performance scores based on the theme of solitude, exile, and intimacy. After a time, a man with a lantern gathers the lone audience members, and leads them through the snow to another well lit cabin where there is tea and writing materials and time. Each unique performance was accompanied by a unique sound score.


Directed by Kristen Greco and Daniel Davis

Conceived by Kristen Greco

Music by leaf Tine

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