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home. was a site-specific durational performance installation created for the Imaging Bodies Symposium at Tallin University in Estonia.


Created in the basement of a medieval building in Tallin town centre, the piece enaged questions of what, or who, is home? When is home a place of safety and connection and when an empty shell for isolation and hiding? Made in a particularly nomadic period in my life, the constructed environment provided a cozy grounded temporary home. A red string  drew lines between my many homes of the previous few years - fracturing and interrupting the space while silmultaneously providing a latticed architecture in which to live/perform. The durational performance went on for four hours as audience members came and went. Each audience member was given a slip upon entry telling them how long they could stay at "home." This engaged content around migration and the circumstances beyond our control that shape the experience of "home." The nest and underground context linked to the local history, calling up memories of the Forest Brothers - guerillas who hid in forests making home underground, sometimes for decades, during the Estonian fight for independance from Soviet rule. Making home while longing for home. 


An original soundscore for home. was created by leaf Tine with musical contributions from Jesse Autumn and interviews with friends and family from around the world.

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