August 15, 2015


Axis Syllabus: Universal Motor Principles.

These classes draw from the latest understandings in anatomy, biomechanics, physics, and other related disciplines to offer an integrated movement training that seeks collaboration with the structures of our body. Through specific inquiry, observation, and practice, the body is re-patterned to unleash reflexive kinetic potential while reducing the risk of injury and repetetive strain. 


Classes are $10-$20 sliding scale.



Also check out these other classes at the Finnish Hall:

Monday Axis Syllabus Work Group 

led by an alternating cast of teacher candidates



Wednesday Axis Syllabus Class with Sebastian Grubb



And The Axis Syllabus website here:




July 30, 2015

EchoTheaterSuitcase project

brings veterans of military service together with non-veteran civilians, to create originally devised performance work based on personal narrative and addressing multiple perspectives on military and civilian life, culture and war. ETS will ​perform in collaboration 

with the Martin Luther King Memorial site, in the Yerba Buena Gardens, ​showcasing the architecture​, waterfall,​ reflecting pool and Dr. King’s words, ​in an audience-interact​ive ​experience.



There is a weekend full of other great performances and events:


"Join the Bay Area's bold leaders, visionaries, and innovators for two days of fresh thinking, entertainment, and connection. Get ready to share ideas, push boundaries, and seek solutions." 

July 28, 2015

Motion Pacific, Santa Cruz

Full Workshop 11:00am-5:00pm (Break from 1:00-2:00)
Just Axis 11:00am-1:00pm

Full Workshop before 9/20: $50. After, $55.

Just Axis before 9/20: $25. After $30.

Register here.


Santa Cruz is famous for its roller coasters - promising winding rides full of adrenaline and unexpected twists and turns - yet altogether safe.


Join us for Santa Cruz's latest Centrifugal Playground… You! This workshop will begin with a two hour class in creating dynamic, resilient, and mobile architectures in our solo dance through the lens of Axis Syllabus (gotta make sure those rides are well constructed!). From there we will use choreographed partnering motifs as well as improvised structures to develop tools for resilience in dynamic weight-sharing situations, thriving in centrifugal force and promising a wild (and safe) ride. New to Contact and Partnering? Don't worry, there are also Kiddy Rides. All levels welcome!


About Axis Syllabus: Axis Syllabus classes...

July 6, 2015



I will be teaching a class in Axis Syllabus and Stilt Dancing at the Global Stilt Congress with co-teacher Kristen Greco. The class is October 4-6. Also at the Congress will be classes in combining stilts with aerial, butoh, contact improv, Afro-Brazilian dance, and much more. Stay for the composition intensive October 12-17.


The Congress is organized by The Carpetbag Brigade and also includes The Spectacle Based Drama Symposium and two weekends of public performances during the Arco-Tsunami Festival.

Check the website for a schedule of all events.


All events take place at ArcoSanti in Arizona.



July 4, 2015

Center Space, 420 SE 6th ave. Portland


Tri-Axial Human Juggling/ Contact Improv. 3-5PM, $50 early bird,  $60 later 

In-Spiral-ing Architectures/ Axis Syllabus. 5:15-7:15PM, $50 early bird, $60 later
Both Workshops $90 early bird, $110 later.
Early bird registration is before 11/14.

The material in these workshops will be complimentary. Students are encouraged to take both when possible.

To register send payment to via PayPal or email to make other arrangements.















Axis Syllabus: In-Spiral-ing Architectures

This workshop will  focus on bio-mechanical principles derived from detailed analysis of the structures of human anatomy and physical laws of motion. The goal is to collaborate with the intelligent anatomical designs nature has developed through thousands of years of evolution. Movement motifs are utilized, not as an ends unto themselves, but as a means for deepening our understanding of our own moving body with an intenti...

July 1, 2015

Contact Improv: Dancing at the Edges.

Our skin develops from the same embryological tissue as our nervous system. Our protective outer barrier and our most intimate inner systems are inextricably linked. This workshop will explore how contact through our edges touches our depths. We meet the world at the edges of ourselves. In permaculture, the edges, where two ecosystems meet, are said to be the site of the most biodiversity. How do we create more fertile surface area? How do we extend our edges without losing our depth? How do we invite ourselves to be changed through the friction, resistance, and joining of our edges with another? Come dance and play with your edges!


Yoga Center Santa Cruz, 428 Front St.

to register:,  415-484-ZANA

Friday 6:30-8:30 (followed by a dance jam w/live music by the Stochastics)

Saturday and Sunday, 2-4


$20 per day or $50 for all 3 days

20% off for advance registration

register in advance for 20% of...

June 30, 2015


Contact Partnering: The Loading Docks

taught by Daniel Bear Davis and Sebastian Grubb

September 12-13, 2015. 11am-2pm.

Finnish Hall in Berkeley

$35 one day/ $60 both days

To register send payment to via PayPal or email to make other payment arrangements.


In this workshop we will use the concept of "Loading Docks" to detail partnering options from beginning to advanced. The LDs are areas of the body that can be utilized to offer dynamic and versatile support in weight sharing scenarios, creating lifts and flight with less effort and more freedom. Daniel and Sebastian are both certified Axis Syllabus Teachers with many years of experience in Contact Improvisation, bodywork, fitness training, and dance performance. This will be a fun, accessible, and at times athletic workshop with plenty of anatomical and physics-based considerations to inform healthy and creative dancing.


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On-Going Fridays. Axis Syllabus. 10-12. Finnish Hall. Berkeley.

August 15, 2015

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